NETRONiX is the sole caretaker of GIKI’s hostel network which consists of over 3500 nodes, one of the largest in Pakistan perhaps the only one run by Undergraduate students.

The network covers 12 hostels, the central mess and the main server room. It has a mesh topology with an optical fiber backbone.


Apart from handling the GIKI LAN Network, the main services being provided by NETRONiX are:

  • DNS Server
  • DHCP Server
  • IPTV
  • DC++
  • Gaming Servers

There are many new projects under progress and yet to be launched. You can visit the services page to get a detailed account on each on-going and finished project.

NETRONiX also holds the largest national level E-gaming competition, UGX. From the past seven years it has also been hosting a national level event called ANC which tests your networking skills.


UGX is one of the largest esports events of the country held annually.


All major esports titles are played, namely:

  • Dota 2
  • Counter Strike:Global-Offensive
  • Call of Duty:Modern Warfare
  • FIFA
  • Tekken 7
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted


ANC or Annual Networking Convention is divide into the following modules:

Module 1

The first module has the following subtopics which are discussed in detail during the scheduled lectures.

  • Networking 101(IP, MAC, ARP, Ports, DNS, DHCP).
  • Linux CLI Basics.
  • Virtualization.

Module 2

The arranged lectures for this module are as follows:

  • Subnetting.
  • Cisco Routers.
  • Network Interfaces.
  • Dynamic and Static Routing.
  • WireShark.

NETRONiX works in an organizational way ensuring that its core objectives are not disrupted but at the same time creates a harmony among its members which makes it a society of individuals who are closely knitted by a bond which is more precious than friendship.

The alumni network of NETRONiX is strong, well-connected and goes back to the days of its foundation.

This makes NETRONIX a platform where students of GIKI not only experience an organizational environment, manage events or acquire technical knowledge but also socialise with the alumni who help them with their life in the university and beyond; in both their personal and professional lives.

NETRONiX is a student-run society which was established by the 7th Batch of GIKI in order to maintain and improve GIKI's LAN Network.This decision was taken so as to diversify the skills of students.

Over the period of almost 18 years, NETRONiX has not only maintained its core objective of handling the whole LAN of GIKI but also provided the students a platform to learn and implement their skills.

The result can be seen in the form of the improved network system of GIKI and the new services being provided by NETRONiX.