Up & Running

Network Management

NETRONiX members work hard to maintain and keep the GIK Institute's network.


Plex is NETRONiX's solution for streaming of movies, TV shows, music and more over the local network at GIK.

IPTV Broadcast

Recently, we have started broadcasting sports matches on a service known as IPTV.

Gaming Servers

NETRONiX has a number of gaming servers running for diferent online multiplayer games.

DC Server

NETRONiX has been organizing and managing it's own DC service in GIK Institute.

GIKI Security System

NETRONiX is also responsible for maintaining the security system of the Institute.

Under Development

Network Revamp

The GIKI network is being revamped by replacing old equipment with new one and NETRONiX is heading the project.


This year NETRONiX has started a complaint system known as 'The HUB'.